Work Futurist - Dominic Price

Work is changing, how can technology help us make the transition.

By Jordan on 2024-02-21

Where and how we work hasn't changed since the early 1900's. New technologies have been introduced, and enabled us to be more productive in our office environments year on year.

Now more people than ever are working from home, from their kitchens, from the beds, and even abroad. This is the first behavioural change to work in a century, and thought leaders like Dominic Price are thinking about how we make the most of this new relationship with our work.

It's time to rethink what we mean by productivity

Learn more about how espresso Displays, Atlassian and other brands are paving the way forwards for companies to truly embrace remote working, and leverage the new found opportunities on offer.

As an in demand media commentator and keynote speaker, what first strikes you about Dom is that he is unmistakably from Manchester. But beyond this is a galvanising take on people, practices, technology and workspaces.