espresso for legal professionals

Premium and ultra-portable
image image-espresso-meeting
A portable, high-resolution touchscreen display
High precision design and user experience
Setup in seconds with one USB-C cable
Compatible with any device or software
Live digital note-taking and diagrams
image image-espresso-videocall
Seamless and simple to use, anywhere
Plug and play in any space with connection to a laptop
Visual asset for video conferences
Edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations easily
Enhance team mobility for use anywhere
image image-espresso-screen-Q4
A workspace and presentation tool, anywhere
High resolution screen for client-facing success
Consume and create content anywhere
Map projects, organisations, and flow charts
espresso bundle infographic
"We can demonstrate the work that we do - It’s interactive. That interaction means clients are engaged. And when they’re engaged, they want to work with us."
Managing Director, SmarterKnowledge
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